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Facts and figures

Facts and figures

Corporate management Dr Axel Schechert


Locations Söllingen (D)

Schlanstedt (D)

Aranzueque (E)

Region Provence um Manosque (F)

Region Emilia Romagna (I)


Employees 80

General information on seed breeding

Sugar beet

Test area
in total
64,62 ha
of which
Tests in situ 15,31 ha

Outdoor tests 49,31 ha

Seed bearers in total
20,48 ha

Seed bearers in situ 4,70 ha

KV, TC Italy 5,43 ha

Basic seed, Italy 3,38 ha

KV, TC France 5,39 ha

Basic seed, France 1,58 ha


Breeding gardens in total
39,68 ha
of which
Winter wheat
31,17 ha

Summer wheat
8,24 ha

Hybrid rye 0,27 ha



Breeding gardens
in total
5,5 ha



General information
24 under glass, climate-controlled, Söllingen/Schlanstedt 3.027 m2
20 greenhouses in Schlanstedt 2.451 m2
441 insulated greenhouses in total 18.980 m2
3494 hoods in total 5.377 m2

Use of sugar beet
Production of preliminary stages / basic seed
Production of test crosses
Cultivation of cuttings over winter
Selection of pollination plants
Winter crossing programmes
Seed checks with examination of resistance to bolting and wrong colour

Use of grain
Crossing programmes
Cultivation of DH plants
Cultivation of infection material for mildew and yellow rust
Propagation of rye incest lines

Use of sunflowers
Crossing programmes
Selection of individual plants
Production of preliminary phase / basic seed