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Breeder portraits

Breeder portraits

Strube Research is currently breeding sugar beet, wheat and sunflowers. Ten years of research work by many employees is usually behind every new variety. The complete team works every day with great commitment and the latest scientific methods on the constant improvement of variety performance and disease resistance.


The Research & Development (R&D) area managers:


Axel Schechert
Andreas Jacobi
Dr. Axel Schechert
Head of R&D
Sugarbeet & Sunflowers

Dr. Andreas Jacobi
Head of R&D
  • Head of breeding at Strube Research since 2005
  • Head of breeding at Strube Research since 2010
  • Doctorate under Prof. Dr. Hartwig H. Geiger at the University of Hohenheim with the subject: "Quantitative genetic and marker-based studies on the inheritance of resistance of maize to Setosphaeria turcica in Kenya" (1997)
  • Doctorate under Prof. Dr. Dr. h.c. G. Fischbeck at the Technical University of Munich/Weihenstephan with the title: “Attempts at clarifying the fine structure of the Mla-Locus for mildew resistance of barley“ (1993)

  • Study of agricultural sciences in Kiel and Hohenheim, graduating in Hohenheim
  • Study of agricultural sciences, graduating in Weihenstephan
  • agricultural professional training



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