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Seed multiplication

Seed multiplication

Our customers expect us to provide them with seeds in large quantities with first class quality. For commercial seed multiplication, we have therefore selected climates that will give us the best seed quality.

We multiply seeds on around 1,800 hectares (1,200 ha sugar beet and 600 ha sunflowers) in France, Spain and Italy: mild winters and dry summers translate into better seed quality and guaranteed maturation. The harvested raw material is dried and pre-cleaned in the propagation areas. After sale the raw material is further processed and treated by our partners and customers.

The early generation and basic multiplication of our grain varieties takes place on farms around Söllingen and Schlanstedt. Our long working relationship with the specialist growers guarantees production that meets the exacting demands of the variety.


Seed multiplication


Seed bearer sugarbeet


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Muliplication field sunflowers